Diego Navarro, the founder of the Academy for College Excellence, is a consultant who helps colleges meet the needs of underprepared students by utilizing evidence-based solutions and employing affective strategies.

Dropping Back In: Featuring the Academy for College Excellence

This video funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and developed by Kentucky Educational Television describes the ACE program and how it helps at-risk students many who have dropped out of school.

My Motivations & Interests

Motivation: ALLEVIATING Poverty

Growing up in a tough neighborhood and experiencing a disconnect between personal experiences and public school education, Diego pursued an alternative educational track post-high school that took him from attending a community college in southern California to living in a remote mountain village in Mexico, from studying neuroplasticity with Moshe Feldenkrais in Amherst, MA, to founding a software start-up company committed to impacting the social good in Berkeley, CA. 


Research & Curriculum: Adaptive Organizations & Scaling Innovations

After graduating from college, Diego looked for a mentor in the tenuous niche between business and social justice. His search led him to Harvard Business School where he studied adaptive organizations with Dr. Rosabeth Moss Kanter and Dr. J. Richard Hackman. In the summer before his second year of graduate school, Diego interned at Apple Computer and interviewed twenty-two visionaries in the computer science field.


Contribution: Technology Enhanced Learning Systems & Organizations

Diego spent the next seven plus years working in Hewlett Packard Labs where he developed the Team Server. After three more years as CEO of a software company in Silicon Valley, Diego felt his apprenticeship in the business world was over. Moving with his family to Costa Rica, Diego co-developed with HP the sustainable agriculture Certification And Traceability System (CATS).